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"After completing several weeks of using the Access holster I will be giving you my opinion of the holster. First lest start with the fact that before I purchased your holster I did not carry my gun everyday because I never had a holster that was convenient to use and that was comfortable to wear all day. I can wear your Access all day with no problem. I guess I could sum up your customer service with one word "Awesome" and the only word that comes to mind for the holster I am going to borrow from Glock and that is "perfection". You produce an excellent holster. If I could find one fault with your holster it was something that my son mentioned to me and that is you don't offer any different colors. Like he said it's kinda like Henry Ford and his model T and that was you could have any color you wanted as long it was black. Thanks for the great holster."


“Got my PHLster Skeleton in the mail today for my Glock 19 and so far from what Ive seen of it, and the obligatory try it on and see how it feels. TOP NOTCH, feels and fits great and always good to know it’s from a "small business" not a major company.”



“So I wore both my holsters today for the first time and I have to say they are the most comfortable holsters I have ever worn, VERY comfortable, light weight and had no problems getting in and out of my truck. THANK YOU very much and I look forward to future purchases with you guys.
Awesome product, very clean work but tough looking at the same time. Smooth edges, great color and strong belt loops. 
Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!”


“Received my holster today. Thank you sir. It is exquisite quality and sets a standard for me in my own builds.”


“A quick review of this holster from PHLster: LOVED IT! Right off the bat I put it on and wore it the entire day. To the grocery store, to the coffee shop, in and out of the car, etc. The holster with gun and light was very comfortable. Hugged close to the body but didn't feel like it was rubbing up against my side (if that makes any sense). 

Follow up: Wore the holster at a Haley Strategic 3 day course. If any of you know how Travis Haley runs his classes, it's not a static shoot from the line deal. Mixed with other LEOs and civies, we and our gear were put to the test. The PHLster holster passed my expectations with flying colors. I thought the holster would fail once I dropped to the urban prone on the gravel-covered ground, but I was wrong. Us gun enthusiasts like to compare, and I was asked by several others if my holster was made by the Edgar Alan Poe company. I set them straight. 

In short, support Jon and his crew. They make a great and dependable product. I wish I had pictures to show you guys but I was too busy trying to keep up with Haley.”


“Received my M&P Shield Holster yesterday, Great work! I love it! I could not be happier, thanks!”


“Got my order in the mail today, super pumped about it! Looks outstanding and feels very comfortable while wearing it.”


“Received my holster and Mag pouches yesterday! Put them on my battle belt, and am amazed at how good it looks. Great job!! Thanks again!”


“Got the Kydex for my Sig Carry today. Great work Jon! I appreciate you making it to the specs I wanted. I will be out in the desert tomorrow testing it out and running drills. You and Rebecca do a great job and I am 110% satisfied! Thanks again”


“Hey guys, got the holster today! Thanks for the super fast shipping. The holster kicks ass and is everything I thought it would be. Thanks for everything!”


“Fantastic job on the holster, Jon. Smooth as butter, everything works exactly as it should. Can't wait to really get started with it.”


“Got the 226 holster in the mail yesterday. AWESOME JOB. will definitely continue to send people your way, even more so now. Fits great, draws VERY smooth, a lot more than expected. All and all well worth the money and the wait can’t say enough great things.”


"Yay it came! I'm so happy with it, much better than my Comptac; great
quality and care was obviously put into this." 


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