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PHLster Holsters is staffed by ONLY two full-time builders. Using precision mass-production technology where we need it and hand-craftsmanship where it matters, we're working overtime to provide quality gear as quickly as we can. We are answering phone calls and emails, covered in a thick layer of Kydex dust and sleepless stress. Please keep this in mind during all potential customer service interactions. Thank you!

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Why appendix carry?

At PHLster, we are proponents and practitioners of "Appendix Carry." The pistol is carried forward of the hips, towards the centerline of the body. We find that, after the initial adjustment period and requsite training and familiarization, it can be very comfortable, quick to access, easy to retain, and concealable methods of carrying a pistol. Our Skeleton and ACCESS holsters are designed to facilitate this method of carry, with special attention paid to the various ergonomic considerations required by carrying in this position.