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Since 2011, PHLster has been innovating minimalist concealed carry and setting trends in design and function. With a focus on continually streamlining our designs and production process, we are excited to be streamlining our retail process, as well. Gone are the days of backlogs and wait times. Our popular production items, the Skeleton AIWB holster, IWB magazine carriers, TDI Fightworthy Sheath, and the Flatpack Tourniquet carrier are all in stock and available immediately via our dealers. Segmenting the process allows us to keep our overhead low and focus on what we do best: making and designing concealed carry solutions. does host our Custom Shop. Limited editions, one-offs, overruns, and special projects will be made available here. Whether it's standard items in non-black color schemes, the occasional OWB or Light Bearing holster, small quantities of Legacy holsters (like our City Special or ACCESS), the Custom Shop features a rotation of in-stock projects. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay current with the Custom Shop or check in periodically to see what's new.